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We’re Still Here

We’re Still Here

First Nation indigenous Hip Hop artists in Canada lead an effort to right long standing social injustices, heal personal traumas, and preserve their cultures in a cutting edge and poignant look at how Hip-Hop plays an important role in transforming the lives of both musicians. their audiences and communities.  Produced by Bob Gliner (Schools That Change Communities, One Carbon Footprint At A Time, Lessons From the Real World) and narrated by First Nation indigenous Hip Hop artist Mike Scott. We’re Still Here weaves engaging interviews with powerful live performances and street demonstrations, portraying the challenges and journeys shared by Native Americans as well as other marginalized populations across the United States.

Fly Brother with Ernest WhiteII

A travel docu-series about friendship and connection around the world, featuring storyteller and explorer Ernest White II. Ernest’s real-life friends show him a city or region from their perspective. With a focus on connecting with the people as well as the place, FLY BROTHER proves that the whole world is our tribe. Throughout the season we explore a common thread that bonds these destinations together, such as food, faith, natural elements, and culture. Travels include: São Paulo,Tbilisi, Toronto, Ovamboland, Stockholm, Mumbai, Addis Ababa, Tajikistan.
“… shows the amazing energy, and fun of the series, complete with travel sites, music, dance and food. ”

Great Decisions

The acclaimed global affairs series Great Decisions in Foreign Policy 1100s returns this season featuring 8 half-hour narrated documentaries on the critical global issues facing America today.

New Environmentalists From Liberia to Mongolia

The newest in the Mill Valley Film Group’s Emmy Award winning series featuring inspiring portraits of seven passionate and dedicated activists who share a common goal – safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources from exploitation and pollution, while fighting for justice in their own communities.

The Celiac Project

The Celiac Project is a dynamic, first-of-its-kind documentary about life before and after the diagnosis of celiac disease. When filmmaker Michael Frolichstein was finally diagnosed with a simple blood test after years of dismissive doctors, he set out to separate fact from fiction about the gluten-free diet. This moving documentary ultimately explores what we can do individually and as a society to advance the conversation and raise awareness about celiac disease.

In Flight: The Art of Ice Dance International

Elevates dance on ice to the forefront of public arts entertainment. Building on the success of their first program, “The World of Ice Dance International,” this new performance special features top skating talent in six new contemporary and classic ice dances with music by Max Richter, Philip Glass, Dave Brubek, and Chopin.

Jazzy Vegetarian 800s


Award winning chef Laura Theodore is back for an Eighth Season.

Job Centered Learning

Economists, business owners, and labor leaders have raised alarm about a rising skills gap in the United States between the jobs that are available and those with the skills needed to fill them. Job Centered Learning, a very timely one hour produced by award winning filmmaker Bob Gliner, takes a critical look at the wide range of career education some schools are offering – masonry, fashion design, forensic science, welding, aquaculture, culinary arts, aircraft maintenance, animal husbandry – and the different forms they take in California, Arizona, and Massachusetts as representative of models in states across the country.

New Environmentalists From Hanoi to Paris

The newest in the Mill Valley Film Group’s Emmy Award winning series featuring inspiring portraits of seven passionate and dedicated activists who share a common goal – safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources from exploitation and pollution, while fighting for justice in their own communities.

One Carbon Footprint at a Time

Makes me want to go back to school and attend the classes with these energizing students and their teachers! Innovative classes filled with science, facts, and compelling, practical daily activities to help reduce our carbon footprint in daily living

Otherwise It’s Just Firewood

In a feat of musical extreme sports, violinist Daniel Hoffman has just one week to learn to play Irish fiddle with master fiddler James Kelly in County Clare, Ireland, and then to perform with Kelly in concert. Hoffman’s attempt to achieve the impossible and his encounters with Irish philosophers, musicians, and dancers reveals unexpected secrets about himself and Ireland.

Robert Bly: A Thousand Years of Joy

Robert Bly, 1966

Robert Bly is arguably the leading champion of poetry of the last half-century. Bly’s boundless curiosity and belief that poetry matters in the life of a nation has often put him on the front lines of cultural debate. Documentary recounts Bly’s singular path from farmer’s son on a wintry Minnesota farm to radical anti-Vietnam War activist to working with Joseph Campbell and translating such mystics as Rumi.

Talent Has Hunger

An inspiring documentary about the power of music to consume, enhance and propel lives. Produced by Academy Award nominated director Josh Aranson.

“What’s the best way to develop an artist? Creativity, imagination, inspiration, how do you teach these things?… When I see a young person whose eyes light up with the same drive, the same love that I’ve had in my life, that I’ve had — you know, I get excited about helping kids like that.”
– Master cello instructor Paul Katz

Too Soon To Forget: The Journey of Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Features nine families from a variety of backgrounds who share their stories and common experiences, from loneliness and isolation to the adjustments and healing power of community.

Walk the Walk

New, timely, and informative :30 from Bob Gliner (Schools That Change Communities, Barefoot College) showcasing a unique college class where students–over a twelve year period from 2007- 2019–have been exploring solutions to problems facing the larger society Focusing on three critical issues, viewers see a diverse range of students attempt to help reverse some of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, successfully raise the minimum wage in San Jose CA, and develop policies to confront increasing cases of homelessness among college students. Walk the Walk provides a model for democracy to come alive in our nation’s classrooms, in the process educating and invigorating students to improve the communities they inhabit.



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Christmas on the Danube

Christmas on the Danube is a true holiday treat that will fill your senses with warmth, touch your heart, and provide your mind with geography and history, as well. Traveling the majestic Danube river, it passes through stunning European landscape, history and culture.

European Christmas Markets

Discover Europe’s Christmas Markets, where the medieval town squares or narrow cobblestone streets come alive with festively decorated wooden stalls offering a cornucopia of treats and delights, as we travel to towns in Germany, France and Switzerland accompanied by the Kingston Trio’s special folk arrangements of Christmas carols.

Magic of Christmas in Alsace

Christmas in Alsace s best experienced in the small towns and villages where each community has its own unique holiday traditions, celebrations, food, and, of course, wine. The Alsatian landscape is dotted with medieval towns, castle ruins and vineyards that overflow with charm and history. At Christmas, the townspeople go all out decorating each of their towns to outdo the next in celebration of the season.


Communities as Classrooms

Communities MeetingCommunities as Classrooms profiles an educational experiment in participatory democracy at four schools in El Salvador that can serve as a model here in the US – where viewers see students become actively engaged in solving problems in their own communities, not as an extra-curricular activity, but as part of learning math, language, writing and other basic educational skills  –  skills they see as necessary to solving the issues their communities face.

A New England Story for Sustaining the Sea

New England Wind TurbineA New England Story for Sustaining the Sea: Off the shores of New England, in a region steeped in old maritime tradition, comes a modern wave of big ships, energy industries, and a changing climate, now testing the limits of an already crowded sea. But in a pioneering trial of far-sighted planning—pushed by blueprints for offshore wind energy—old residents and new are both coming together to keep their ocean and livelihoods alive.

Barefoot College

Barefoot College, a new documentary from Producer Bob Gliner (Schools That Change Communities, Lessons From the Real World, Democracy Left Behind), that examines a unique community based education program in rural India. While seemingly far removed from the American experience, it offers telling lessons for how the current debate around educational reform might be focused and curriculum transformed in the US.

Cafeteria Man


Cafeteria Man shows what’s possible to change the way kids eat at school. Tony Geraci, food-service director for Baltimore’s public schools, leads the charge to replace pre-plated, processed foods with locally-grown, freshly-prepared meals. “If Tony makes this happen here the way he wants to, I think you’ll see this happening all over the country,” says best-selling author and food activist Michael Pollan in the film.

Chihuly Outside

A magical one-hour glimpse into the conception and installation of Dale Chihuly’s artistic outside work. The most comprehensive of all the Chihuly documentaries, this brand new program focuses on his outdoor and landscape installations.

Coastal Dune Lakes

Coastal Beach

Coastal Dune Lakes
features the coastal dune lakes of northwest Florida which are home to many diverse species. Viewers journey with filmmaker Elam Stoltzfus to see what makes these lakes unique and how they are being protected.


Coexist reveals an unprecedented experiment in government mandated reconciliation following the genocide in Rwanda. Through the stories of people who committed murder and those who survived, viewers will hear inspirational stories of forgiveness and the challenges former enemies encounter in the face of unimaginable pain.

Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition: Everglades to Okefenokee

Bear biologist Joe Guthrie, conservationist Mallory Lykes Dimmitt, photojournalist Carlton Ward Jr., and filmmaker Elam Stoltzfus trekked from the Everglades National Park to Okefenokee National Forest in southern Georgia. The team traversed the wildlife habitats, watersheds and participating working farms and ranches, which comprise the Florida Wildlife Corridor opportunity area.

Growing Up Green

Growing Up Green showcases a unique statewide effort in Michigan where for the first time, rural and urban schools spanning a broad and diverse population base aim school reform around the environments students inhabit hoping this groundbreaking work can serve as a model for changing the way public education is practiced in the US.

Jazzy Vegetarian 501-513

ricky and laura

Jazzy Vegetarian returns with a new set, new guests, and plenty of quick and easy recipes. From Sunday Brunch to a Garden-Fresh Dinner, “Taste” award winning host Laura Theodore—with help from celebrity guests like Lidia Bastianich—shows viewers how to cook healthy, delicious vegan food for family and friends.

Kissimmee Basin: The Northern Everglades

Travel with filmmaker Elam Stoltzfus along the Kissimmee River and surrounding regions. Meet the “Keepers of the Land” and experience a “sense of place” in the vast open spaces in the cattle country of Florida’s private and public lands.

Learning from El Salvador
El Salvador Farmer

El Salvador Farmer

Learning from El Salvador is a new one-hour documentary from award-winning producer Bob Gliner that presents a very timely look at a little understood yet important Central American nation in transition.

Light of the Valley: The 15th Renovation of Swayambhu

Light of the Valley presents the inspiring story of the 15th renovation of the Swayambu Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal, recognized as one of the most important monuments in the Buddhist world. Renowned for its great antiquity and spiritual significance, this historic site has been worshiped continuously through the centuries by the people of Nepal and Tibet. It remains a focus of daily offerings, prayers and ceremonies today.

A Mind in Quicksand: A Life with Huntington’s
Mind in Quicksand

Mind in Quicksand

Poignant doc about Kim Lile’s slowly coming to terms with her Huntington’s Disease diagnosis and her new reality that portrays her determination, challenges and personal experience.

Program Information

New Environmentalists From Guatemala to the Congo

The newest in the Mill Valley Film Group’s EmmyAward winning series featuring inspiring portraits of six passionate and dedicated activists who share a common goal – safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources from exploitation and pollution, while fighting for justice in their own communities.

New Environmentalists Series

Compilation of Mill Valley Film Group’s EmmyAward-winning programs with two virtually brand new programs featuring inspiring portraits of passionate and dedicated activists who share a common goal – safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources from exploitation and pollution, while fighting for justice in their own communities.

Ocean Frontiers

An inspiring voyage to coral reefs, seaports and watersheds across the country, where unlikely allies-farmers, shippers, scientists, fishermen and conservationists-are working together to sustain the sea and our ocean economies.

Schools That Change Communities

Schools That Change Communities is a unique, engaging documentary that turns the current focus of education on its head. While most US schools keep their students bottled up in classrooms as a way of increasing their test scores, this very upbeat special focuses on a diverse range of K-12 public schools in five states that instead break down the walls between the school and its neighborhood. By viewing their surroundings as classrooms, students are not only invigorated, but also more motivated to learn the basics and how to think critically about solving problems they and the larger world they inhabit now face.

Thomas Paine’s To Being the World Over Again

Thomas Paine’s To Begin the World Over Again

Engaging one-man play that transcends political party affiliation as well as encapsulating all the triumphs and tragedies of Thomas Paine’s life. inhabit now face.

Warriors Return

Warriors 2 Men
Navajo veterans of beautiful Canyon de Chelly, AZ have served as Code Talkers in WWII, Army Rangers in Viet Nam and most recently in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, their dedication and courage in battle has not protected them when they return home. Viewers will see how strong women, traditional healing and western talk therapy are helping these warriors return.

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