Past Projects

Here is a sampling of projects I’ve repped:

Apache 8

The Adventists

Alcatraz Is Not an Island

And Then One Night: Making of Dead Man Walking

Big Cypress Swamp: Western Everglades

The Castro

Chihuly Fire & Light

Choctaw Code Talkers

Coastal Clash

image022Columbus Day Legacy

Comedy Tonight!

Crossing Lines

Ebert Presents at the Movies

Empty Oceans, Empty Nets!

Farming the Seas

image048Fighting for Life

For the Generations:
Native Story and Performance

For the Rights of All: Ending Jim Crow in Alaska

Grannies on Safari® 201-207

Great Decisions


Humble Beauty

The Huey P. Newton Story

In Our Own Hands: The Story of the Jewish Brigade

image040Indique: Big Ideas from Emerging India

Indique: Untold Stories of Contemporary India

Jacques Pépin: Fast Food My Way

Jacques Pépin’s Cooking Techniques

Jacques Pépin’s Kitchen

Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures

Joanne Weir’s Cooking Class

Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home

Keeping Score (with Michael Tilson Thomas)

LifeSteps with Michael Pritchard

Lords of Nature

Mad Cowboy

Made in Spain (Jose Andres)

Monet’s Palate – A Gastronomic View from the Gardens of Giverny, France

Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer

No Vacancy

Out from the Shadows:The Story of Irene and Frédéric Joliot Curie

image032The Path to Nuclear Fission:  The Story of Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn

A Passion for Sustainability

The Parents’ Survival Guide: Childhood Obesity

A Portrait of an Artist as an Older Woman

The Power of Forgiveness


Remaking American Medicine

image043River of Renewal

Rumi: Poet of the Heart

Rumi Returning

Sammy Davis Jr. Live In Germany

Saving our Schools from Hate and Violence

Shining Soul: Helen Keller’s Spiritual Life & Legacy


SS United States: Lady In Waiting

The World of Julia Peterkin: Cheating the Stillness

There Is a Bridge

The Tradesman: Making an Art of Work

Video Letters from Prison

Walking the Bible

Xavier: Missionary and Saint