• I specialize in public television Station Relations. This entails my promoting your title to US PBS station programmers.
  • My goal is to optimize the reach of your program on PBS stations nationwide.
  • I can demystify the arcane public television distribution of PBS, APT & NETA programs.
  • I’m comfortable about taking on programs that I love—even some that others might feel would be too hard to place—and provide realistic carriage expectations that run the gamut from the blockbuster to the hidden gem.
  • I welcome projects from diverse points of view and under-represented voices seldom heard in mainstream media that tell great stories and engage the hearts and minds of public television audiences.
  • Titles feature social issues, spirituality, health, great ideas |the arts and culture, and “healthy how-to’s”
  • I will find and secure an airdate at every station for which your program is viable.
  • I employ Green practices.

Please contact me with information about your documentary or series and I will arrange a time for a conversation. I prefer to speak with producers early afternoons (Pacific Time). This maximizes my time contacting PBS station program managers.

If you have a link or non-returnable DVD—of a rough cut or substantive segment—please send that too.

I can assist with some editorial suggestions and strategize about optimal release dates. Therefore, as I get booked in advance, where possible please get in touch 4 to 6 months before the rights begin—or even longer. On occasion, I may accept programs on shorter notice as well.
2340 Powell St | Ste 333 | Emeryville CA 94608